No BS digital polymath.



Entered Simon's Rock
College of Bard


I managed to drop out of both high school and college before turning 17—but I have a lot of affection for Simon's Rock.



Poor dead Kodak
Small project for big Apple
One of the first major incarnations of

SiegelGale was a brilliant first design job. I got to work with terrific people on major client projects.


Art Director

Panasonic product site
Massive intranet UI design for Ciba Specialty Chemicals
American Cyanamid website

VSI gave me a lot of responsibility as a very young designer. Less sexy work than SiegelGale, but solid and challenging.


Creative Director

Drug site for Wyeth's FluShield
Cyanamid Grower Center
Drug Site for Parke-Davis Rezulin

I was brought along as part of a spinoff of VSI focusing on healthcare under the umbrella of ad agency LLM&P.


StickyData, LLC

stickydata site
Medical Manager and CareInSite UI

My tech partner & I founded StickyData in 1999. Over four years, we built it into a strong group doing work for a wide range of clients.


Partnered with
Free Enterprise, LLC

Zero Odor
Zero Odor Pet
Sleep Number
Vestar Capital Partners

For the past 10 years, I've been working with a NYC agency, handling a good chunk of creative and nearly all the digital business.

Through 2016

Consulting Work

Sustainable Food Lab
NYU Social Game Lab
Polytechnic Game Innovation Lab
Russ Roberts
Chris Tuck
Michelle Scannell
Guardian Circle

I've done a variety of projects for equally varied folks along several axes outside of normal office hours.


I’ve done corporate and digital strategy development for companies large and small, in varying stages of development. I can: work with you to develop your marketing and digital plans, find and define new market opportunities, and launch products with you — among other strategic directives.



The devil is most certainly in the details of user interface design. You might need a detailed review of your site, app, or product experience. I can help you review, revise, or develop new user experiences and interfaces, just as I’ve done for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies (and plenty in between.)


Branding & Advertising

It has been my great good luck to work with some incredibly talented folks in advertising. I can motor alongside you to create complete brands, ad campaigns, or targeted marketing initiatives for both B2C and B2B. I also work with partner groups to handle research, end-to-end video, audio, production, and media.



Small businesses can have great design

The major conundrum here is knowing where to put your dollars. If you're not in and of the digital and marketing industries, it can be hard to know what's reasonable, or where your money is best spent. Working with someone who knows how to help you allocate that budget goes a long way towards facilitating great design work on a shoestring. Honest conversations with someone who knows what she's doing gets you a good chunk of the way there.


Large organizations can be nimble

...but it's hard. Targeted nimble strategies and teams directed towards specific opportunities can slice through otherwise oppressive red tape. It's nearly impossible for large organizations to be nimble about everything — those battles must be carefully and thoughtfully chosen. Done well, laser-precision agility goes a very long way, particularly as pertains to the customer experience and brand messaging opportunities.

Accessible Budgeting

I am not, to be frank, especially cheap. But I am willing to tailor my services to match the scale of your budget, and I’m interested in working with big, small, or startup businesses, as well as non-profits and educational institutions. I’m also happy to offer honest opinions and recommendations based on my sixteen-plus years of industry experience, so give me a call or drop a line and let’s discuss.

Small business doesn’t have to settle for ugly.


Big business can be smart & nimble if it chooses to be.