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When the client is a good one, branding projects are among my favorites. That’s a heavy qualifier, but when it works, you get to have a remarkable set of conversations distilling the nature of the organization, its raison d'être and its strategic objectives — and turning those abstractions into a set of concrete visual and conceptual expressions.

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Logo & Basics

Small businesses can benefit from serious branding efforts, though that can be hard to see from the outside in. What’s true is that a well-done visual identity (logo and associated paraphernalia, at the a basic level) can help even a small local business stand out in a crowded field.

While other factors can often be roughly equivalent, a good brand can create the difference between the name a customer remembers and the one she forgets.

Identity Systems

A full-blown identity system is a major effort. I've created visual systems for a few different clients, including companies like Healthgrades, Guardian Circle, and IntelliDEN.

Working with your organization, I can develop an identity system that meets your specific needs, from basic logo and typeface selections to collateral, signage, embroidery, and advertising guidelines.

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Brand Analysis

There are as many different flavors of brand analysis and brand strategy as there are brand strategists. With some kind of documention or artifact as the end goal, I use a few different methodologies and tactics depending on the client and the organization's needs, including:

  • Message assessment and development
  • SWOT where appropriate
  • Focus groups, customer research, user research
  • Touchpoint mapping & analysis