No BS digital polymath.


These days strategy is, frankly, a fairly meaningless word. Every consultant and her brother seems to be a strategist, perhaps rightly so — there are so many ways to interpret the word. Here are a few things I can help your organization with that are a little more specific.

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Digital & Business Strategy

A lot of what we call “digital strategy” is really about examining ways to reach the customer effectively. Most of the companies I’ve worked with have needed some help in one or more of the following areas —

  • Customer touchpoint assessment
  • Supply chain assistance (provider selection, optimization, software evaluations)
  • Finding ways to reduce costs via technology or operations improvements
  • Increasing sales through new channels
  • Creating a more compelling business proposition via new strategic initiatives.

Marketing Strategy

Every company, large or small, benefits from routine marketing strategy review and revision. There are always new opportunities, and you might need:

  • A complete marketing strategy plan
  • Channel evaluations
  • Opportunity identification and ROI evaluation
  • A better understanding of where you fit into the landscape
  • Someone to talk to about your ideas.

Social Media Strategy

It can be tough to be adroit with social media, especially if it’s not a natural fit for company leadership. I can help you:

  • Evaluate the right social media channels for you to target based on your audience demographics
  • Develop a strategic outline for developing your social media presence
  • Create a tactical plan of action for your social media outreach
  • Produce content guidelines and examples for what postings should look like across various platforms
  • Develop metrics and success scenarios.